Chicago Acupuncture Clinic



I've been seeing Dan Plovanich at Chicago Acupuncture Clinic for 20 years, off and on, for various reasons. Dan has really helped me a lot. He is knowledgeable, friendly, professional, and, on top of all that, actually gets results.

I first went to Dan when I was having a series of horrible, horrible sinus headaches. I mean, lay your head down on your desk at work and pray for oblivion headaches. Get home from work and crawl under the covers praying for relief headaches, where no amount of drugs could help. The M.D. wanted to drain my sinuses. I kind of thought that sounded unpleasant, so I thought, why not try the acupuncture guy in the neighborhood? Through a series of acupuncture treatments and by using a variety of Chinese herbs, the horrible headaches went away and have never returned. Maybe once or twice during a hot, humid summer, I may have a sinus headache, but I go to Dan, get a tune-up, and I'm good to go. I consider the sinus issue totally resolved.

Several years ago, I was having terrible stomach pain that caused me to bend over with pain in the afternoons, accompanied with sickness (vomiting) after spending a day in the sun. I went to the M.D., who decided I did not have lupus, and basically lost interest. Time to call Dan! Five sessions (including one, where I got sick in his bathroom before the session began), and the problem was resolved, never to return again.
I am now a big believer in acupuncture and Chinese medicine.
Parking is available on Southport, and during the daytime you can find free side street parking.

- Roseanne M.

Dan Plovanich at the Chicago Acupuncture Clinic is wonderful.  He gave me treatments to stop smoking and I kicked my 30-year habit after 5 treatments.  He also helped to relieve allergy symptoms and an attack of shingles.
He is sincere, professional and dedicated.

- Sherrie T.

I've seen Dan for issues with my back.  At first I was skeptical, but facing a long plane flight to Europe, I was ready to try anything.  Dan understood the skepticism and did his thing, making me a convert.  The flight was pain free, and the trip was great.  I've also seen him about a year and a half later for a 'tune-up' and am doing very well as a result.  A truly great guy!
   I've also been to Karen Risinger for massages, when I was preparing for a century bike ride and just in general for tension and healing.  She is compassionate and sensitive and knows several types of massage.  She really works out the sore spots and you feel rejuvenated, relaxed and ready when she is done.  She is amazing.
   I can heartily recommend both these people and the entire atmosphere at the clinic.  Although I've only met some of the other people that make up the clinic, they are all great people.
  Very highly recommended!

- Bob C.

I have been seeing Dan Plovanich for over 18 years and he is a marvelous acupuncturist.  He has helped me with two major health problems - the first meant I could avoid paralytic shots to my face and the second meant I was able to avoid surgery.  He is knowledgeable and professional, puts you totally at ease, and is the first to say when he is not able to treat a problem.  I have recommended him to many and they have all been more than pleased with Dan.  

I also see Karen Risinger for massages at the clinic.  She is terrific and is well-trained in many different modes of massage.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone.  She is a truly caring person.

- Debbi W.

Excellent, compassionate, and honest service. I would recommend Dan to anyone. He will let you know if he can help. His clinic offers both acupuncture and massage.

- Scott W

This clinic has been a cornerstone of the neighborhood as dependable health service for more than 25 yrs, they do it right.
Personable, professional and reasonable rates from seasoned and acupuncturists and massage therapy with 20 yrs experience. Treatments by appt. only.

- K.R